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Au Biscornu : blind test, cocktails & big smile

An unpretentious bar, where smiles are free and fun times guaranteed.

Happy Memories

“I wanted to create a place where every one could feel at ease: old people, young people, students, the workers from the offices nearby”. Marc reached his goal with Le Biscornu, opened in January 2012, rue Montmartre, near the Grand Boulevards. At that time, the media companies settled in the neighborhood are leaving one after another. It’s the right moment to take over the “Presse”, where journalists used to meet, and to modernize it. The decoration makes the place feels warm, the waiters are welcoming, the cocktails sweet and the pizzas home-made. The Biscornu is born. It becomes the perfect compromise between hipster coffee shops and popular bars. No hassle here. And it’s probably because of that easy-going vibe that customers become regulars. Friends and colleagues spread the word. “In general, we always know at least one person in each group. We recognize faces, we remember names. I encourage waiters to spend time with customers they get along with”, says Marc. Every group even have their favorite waiters.

Happy Touch

I spend so many time there the past three years that I am one of those faces they remember. Like many other regulars, I kiss the security guard hello and I call the waiters by their names. At first, we use to come because it was easy. Then, we started booking up one of the bar’s five private rooms at least once a month, for birthdays or parties. It’s free to privatize a room. No minimum number of drinks. That’s a particularity Marc doesn’t ever want to change. “Customers come here to have fun, we’re not going to put pressure on them. Every weekend, all the rooms are booked, so even if there’s a group that drinks less, another one will make up for it”, he explains (I feel like he’s talking about me when he talks about those who drink more, but nevermind). To have fun, the bar has everything you need : happy hour for the whole day on Mondays, blind test on Wednesday nights, karaoke on Thursdays, and “Biscomix” on Fridays. It may seem ridiculous, but let’s face it : there’s nothing better than to sing Britney Spears in front of your school friends or colleagues to discover their true faces.

Happy Crush

David’s big smile. He was recently named manager, which means he sets up the mood. We told you, every group has their favorite : he’s ours, and it’s mostly why we go back.

Le Biscornu

89, rue Montmartre



Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 7h30 à 2h

et le samedi de 17h à 2h

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