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Ana M : When Salvador loves Paris

Ana Maria, from Salvador, opened her restaurant/wine bar Ana M. in June 2014, with her husband Olivier. They both had worked in the food industry before, and wanted to share their “home-made” tex mex recipes.

Happy Memories

The couple transformed what used to be a thaï restaurant into a place that looks like them. Here, the kitchen opens on a small dining room they can take care of together. “We wanted our customers to see we’re not hiding anything! It’s important that they see us working!”. The food is latino-american. On the menu : guacamoles, quesadillas, ceviche, enchiladas or tacos. But nothing stops Ana, who likes to try out new flavors and inspirations, to cook jamabalayas, gumbos (a specialty from Lousiana), or recipes from other continents, like a lebanese salad, every once in a while.

Happy Touch

Every morning, Ana and Olivier go to the market in the 13th neighborhood to get their fresh, untreated produce, with which they cook all their various meals depending on the season. The cook admits with a chuckle that she uses spices sparingly because, according to her, “the french palate is very fragile!”.

If the atmosphere of the place is as colorful as the plates, it’s because Ana went to the Beaux-Arts in Paris. On the restaurant walls, every painting was signed by her. In this artist’s studio, the slate goes hand in hand with a well-stocked wine list, mainly from Latin America (Chili Undurraga, Casillero del Diablo, Chili Tabali). Before that, Margaritas and other fancy cocktails will help quench our thirst.

Our Crush

The real magaritas (with salt around the glass), and the “mango” version.

The complete change of scenery.

Translation : Lorraine Besse

Ana M.

14, rue du Jura

PAris 13ème

Phone : +339 52 64 63 48

Open from monday to saturday

from noon to 3p.m.

and 6p.m. to 10p.m.

Meals from 14€ to 19

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