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Fou de pâtisserie, cherry on top of a Paris village

A hotspot for the sweet tooth, dedicated to sweet pleasures carefully selected

Happy Memories

Fou de pâtisserie is a new bimonthly magazine who’s quickly establishing itself as a reference, both for the recipes made by great french chefs it features, and for the photos that will make you want to lick the pages. The pastry shop is not the continuation of the magazine, those are two concomitant projects that both started about 3 years ago. It’s Muriel Tallandier and Julie Mathieu, respectively publisher and editor in chief of the magazine, who came up with the idea to go from the page to the street. "The shop is no more, no less, than the magazine taken out of paper: many chefs brought together, whether it’s on our pages or on our display stand", says Muriel. The colors are a warm pink, the atmosphere is modern and similar to the magazine’s. "It’s what the chefs, and the readers, like", says Muriel with a smile. For the chefs, Fou de pâtisserie is an opportunity to cohabit, under the same price: all the goods cost 5€90. And there’s more: the shop offers its first original creation, the "Phil’Goût", by the famous Philippe Conticini.

Happy Touch

The shop offers creations by Pierre Hermé, Cyril Lignac (La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac), Philippe Conticini (La Pâtisserie des Rêves), Christophe Adam (L’Eclair de Génie), Hugues Pouget (Hugo & Victor), Jonathan Blot (Acide Macaron) and Olivier Haustraete (boulangerie BO). It’s also possible to treat yourself to a madeleine or a financier by Gilles Marchal. The readers were the first customers. Very active online, they reacted immediately to the announcement of the opening of this new hotspot for individual cakes. It’s not surprising to meet pastry lovers there. "Is this the cake that was showed on TV?", asks a customer about a pastry by Cyril Lignac. "I tried to do the same thing at home, but I’d like to try the original one to see if I managed to bake it too". There’s passion in the air, and Muriel and the foodie talk excitedly about the pastries on display. During summer, small purple chairs found a place in front of the shop, to allow customers to eat their pastries and enjoy the parisian charm of the rue Montorgueuil at the same time. "There might be ice cream, for summer", confides Muriel.

Our Crush

We go to find the best pastries unearthed by Muriel and Julie, and talk about what’s trendy in the baking world with them. Maybe to succumb to the cheesecake Blackcurrent-Mandarin from Acide Macaron; or to review the classics with a Baba au Rhum from the Pâtisserie de Cyril Lignac; or to fall for the "Phil’Goût" by Philippe Conticini, a novelty that puts a smile on your face.

We leave with a small white box, in a bag decorated with delicious pastries which will make jealous those who don’t know yet what it’s inside.

Translation : Lorraine Besse

Fou de Pâtisserie

45, rue Montorgueil

Paris 2ème

Phone : 01 40 41 00 61

Open from Thursday to Friday

From 11:00 to 20:00

Saturday from 9:30 to 20:00

Sunday from 9:30 to 13:30

Pâtisserie at 5€9

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